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A Little view of Songadh Ashram


A hermitage, which fabricates ideals by following the way, shown by “Shri Mahavir” to builds “character” in children & lead them towards prosperity.

It is said that those who visits “SHRI MAHAVIR JAIN CHARITRA KALYAN RATNASHRAM” at SONGADH, will never forget it through out their life. The reason is that, the land purely sacred, due to visits of honorable personalities & great saints.

“Pujya Shri Charitra Vijayji Bapa” who was great astrologer, famous orator, music lover & “Pujya Shri Kalyanchandraji Bapa” who was an Ayurveda expert, literature lover, revolutionary, had devoted their whole life & soul, for growth & improvement of this great institution & has expertise in music, Sanskrit, poems, writing, & much disciplined.

“Pujya Shri Gulabchandraji Bapa”, a very calm natured & social worker. “Pujya Shri Uttamchandraji Bapa” had given every bit of his soul to this land.“Kavi shri Dulerai Karani”, who is being recognized as a father of kutchi literature, had stayed here for 25 years & invented his everlasting literature. Father of our Nation “Pujya Mahatma Gandhi”, had also been here & inaugurated the statue of our mother land. (Bharat Mata)




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